Ryan Dennison

Discarded Archive

Discarded Archive Collection, Loom Indigenous Gallery, Gallup, NM. July 2017. Gallup, NM.

Installation of 64 photos, found in thrift stores, flea markets and antique stores. These photos present discarded or thrown away archive of Indigenous land and people.

The exhibit showed for the month of July, opening night during Gallup's Art Crawl second Saturday. Dennison's research and collection spans across 5 years, intentionally showcasing in his home town.

The exhibit and space holds an indigenous framework challenging disposability in western culture. Something of a photographic archaeologist, tracking trends and creating collections that Dennison hopes are culturally significant, his work glimpses into indigenous time and culture (in a non-linear history).

Curated for an indigenous audience the pictures, records, and vintage suitcases activated and rewakened memories  of ancestral and pastoral knowledge. An analysis on how cultural meanings and movements are socially produced through art and social interactions of indigenous land and people. The installation featured 64 photos, gold/silver tin frames, Gold Photo Backdrop for participants to be photographed. Vintage suit cases used by relatives. A record player listening station with a vinyl collection featuring indigenous artists from the 50s - 70s of the southwest.

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