Recent work 2020
Documentation photos by Vanessa Bowen
Stirring sticks, brush and cedar
Polaroids and dreams
In the shade house
Shimá and shade house dreams
Blue corn sticks from the garden
Shimá scarf I
Polaroid dreams scarf I
Polaroid dream scarf II
Send me dreaming scarf
Shimá Scarf II
11”x8” paper post card double exposure
8”x11” paper, cedar and bracelet
8”x11” paper, Polaroid dream to death
8”x11” paper, jockstrap
8”x11” Paper, In the Shade House
8”x11” paper, pendant, necklace and medicine pouch
8”x11” cotton fabric, jockstrap
8”x11” cotton fabric, In the Shade House II
8”x11” cotton fabric, Polaroid double exposure
8”x11” cotton fabric, yucca boy double exposure
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