Ryan Dennison is a Diné transdisciplinary artist from Tohatchi, NM. His work has been featured in both solo and collaboration exhibitions across Diné Nation and U.S. Featured in Sicksicksick Distro (Albuquerque, NM), “All My Relations” Exhibition (Minneapolis, NM), “Visions into Infinite Archives” Exhibition (San Francisco, CA), Deep White Sound (Portland, OR), and “Future Now / Futura Ahora” (New York City, NY). 

Dennison’s work defuses critical engaged consciousness and liberation technologies through indigenous research, planning, design, education and healing. He comes from a background of experiential, pastoral and traditional ecological knowledge, which constructs a Diné epistemological framework and pedagogical orientation of traditional/western knowledge.

Shapeshifting through various mediums he exercises the transposition of past and present to share a social and political soundscape. to vision our future environment, acknowledging the interconnectedness of land, culture and community. His practice involves both visual art and sound—engaging in performances that utilize traditional tools with self taught media such as contact mics, synthesizers, handmade costumes, and projections.

He currently works and lives in Albuquerque, NM as an educator with indigenous communities actively maintaining, renewing and revitalizing traditional knowledge linking, food, culture, health and the environment.


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