Ryan Dennison

Collection of noise performances done with costumes and masks. All queer indigenous concepts, that have been frequent 2008 - present.

2014 Navajo Noise Loom performance, Shiprock NM IEP Fest.

Weaving rug while contact microphones and effect pedals amplify vibrations from the loom strings.

Performance March 3rd, 2017 at The Hive, Phoenix, AZ

Photo by Hannah Manuelito. 

Performed a noise composition with a violin and loop/effects pedal.

2018 spring/winter deity 

“We Belong Together” Performance collaboration with Grace Rosario Perkins and José Luis Iñiguez. July 10, 2016 at The Colony, Sedona, AZ
Photo by Lukaza Brandman-Verissimo

2016 Pollen Boy, concept collaboration with Jeff Slim photo shoot.

2017 Stitched floral material to construct this mask for a noise performance. Queer nature indigenous realness. Giving a voice to our relatives, “the ones with roots”.

“Moccasin-Gaze” noise set at The Asdzáá Warrior Fest. Sound manipulation from moccasins that were worn throughout Dennison’s childhood to adulthood. June 17, 2017 in Window Rock, AZ Photography by Darklisted Photography (Nate Lemuel)

2016 Navajo transparent kilt and sash belt.

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